Here's To Never Growing Up

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As the last of hiemal wind passes, once the feathery ice crystals deliquesce, as every critter and fauna engender from their land of Nod once again, and we, the mere earth wights, shall bestir ourselves.

The forthcoming sweltering Sun and the scorching rays of it that we so eagerly anticipate and reckon on, the delicious vault of heaven which is so clear that tempts us, beyond our understanding of the prolepsis of the empyrean that our ancestors had studied.

In other words, as the wintertide quells, as the daylight savings time is earnestly awaited, we bask in the ebullience of SPRING. Glad for the pass of WINTER and euphoric for the prospective SUMMER.

So yeah, I’m a literature student who had to give an expression on spring. And I’m sleepy.