Here's To Never Growing Up

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Purr Of A Catboy - fluff kai sehun sekai catboyau - Kai | Sehun - Asianfanfics

Kai smiled briefly and ran upstairs to grab the cable. But Sehun struck Kai dumb when he opened the door. He was jumping on the bed, with one hand holding his tail, the comforter and pillows were scattered on the floor. ”What are you doing, Sehun?”

Sehun stopped jumping on the bed and looked at Kai with something like guilt in his expression. “It wasn’t me.” he mumbled like a kid and knelt down on the bed.

"I’ll punish you later for this." Kai muttered and started to look for the cable.

"Miaw." he heard Sehun fake-mew.

Kai turned his head to stare at Sehun and the catboy was smiling sheepishly. Kai shook his head and hurried back down after fishing out the cable. “Hey. Sorry-” he stopped himself midway on the stairs when he found Luhan talking to Lay.

Lay looked up at Kai and smiled. “I haven’t seen this catboy before. It’s always that naughty pink one that I’ve seen.” Lay commented.

"Naughty?" Kai climbed the rest of stairs down.

"Yeah. I once saw him digging up holes in your backyard with a spoon."

Kai remembered that. His mother was screeching over the phone that there was a gopher in the backyard but now Kai knew that it was no gopher but little Sehun kitty. “He’s really naughty. But you’ve met Luhan, I see.”

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